Before and After School Program


Tortuga Families,

It is with much excitement that we share the following information with you in regards to Fee Based Programs for before and after school child care. As you know the School District of Lee County has moved to new proximity zones in the school year, 2023-24. With that in mind, many more of our families may require before or after care for their children. Our team has worked to align our school programs to provide the most support to our families.

Key Things to Know:

All Fee Based Staff Members will be trained in CPR/First Aid before working the program.

Early Dismissal Days:  

There are no fee-based programs on these days. (On these weeks the flat rate will be prorated. Ex. 4 day week = $40.00 flat rate).  There are morning programs on these days.

Morning Care Program Fees:

6:30AM - 7:30AM: $20.00/Flat Rate Per Week Per Child

Afternoon Fee-Based Programs: 

Tuition fees are due Friday prior to the participating week. The extending of credit to individuals by The School District of Lee County is prohibited by Article Vll of The Florida Constitution.

  1. Registration Fee: $25.00 per enrollee/$40.00 per family* (*2 or more siblings)
  2. Program Fee: $50.00 per week flat fee.
  3. Three (3) late payments will result in dismissal from the program. There will be no discounts for absences in programs using the flat rate structure.
  4. $1.00 per minute late charge per child if child is picked up after closing time. Late fees are to be paid upon arrival.
  5. Three late pick-ups will result in dismissal from the program as outlined in the fee-based guidelines.

How Do I Sign Up My Children for the Morning Program and/or After School Program:

Click below to complete the information needed about your child and for a commitment to the guidelines.


Program Guidelines:

Before & After-care Program 2023-2024

 * For additional information, please contact our director at (239) 693-5023 or email Nicole Barilla at [email protected]